Why HeatherDawn14?

Hi and welcome to my small business journey...
My name is Heather Dawn and I am outgoing, fun, sarcastic and honest. I have been selling things and helping customers since I was two years old in my parents store. The Applecore was a small store that had a little bit of everything, it was kind of like smaller independent version of the modern Five Below. They carried kitchie items and knickknacks and hot fad items in the 80’s. My parents, especially my dad were larger than life. Growing up I went on and was part of many adventures! From meeting Beatles wife Cynthia Lennon and All American Wrestler Bob Backlund to vending at Woodstock 94’ and trade shows in Las Vegas.  Life was never dull. Now here I am branching out on my own carrying the torch. I absolutely love connecting with people just like my parents. For me it is not just selling things it’s so much more... I love hearing the story of why ‘this item’ is for ‘that person.’ Watching people find their treasure and seeing them light up fills my cup. Now in this digital space I miss that part of the puzzle. As I grow this business that is still my goal to conect with people and share memories. 

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